We offer unarmed security guards for different clients as per their requirements and needs with proper justification of utility factor unarmed security guard services are employed much more frequently than armed services. All Nation Security Guard Services provides unarmed guards for a wide range of situations within food stores & supermarkets, retail establishments, shoppingmalls, schools, college and university campuses and other locations where their very presence serves as a strong deterrent against criminal cativities such as shoplifting.

Unarmed guards are also often used as escorts for wealthy women on shopping trips and as bodyguards for business executives and celebrities. Even though unarmed, a sizeable number of these guards are trained in physical defense techniques such as karate and all are generally capable of providing protection because they are in excellent physical condition and very well trained.


You can't hand out arms to anyone or eveyone. Every security needs to get permission to recruit and deploy armed guards. We provide armed guards at different clients after proper vetting and justification of their nature of requirements.


The one who even stakes his life to prevent yours can be your Personal Security Guardor PSO in short. Here at allianze we trained men of highest interpersonal skills to be your Personal security Guard. PSO will live for his or her master who hire him and is duty fully bound to prevent you and your personal property at any cost. He will be with you all the time like the nails stick to your finger. If any adverse arrives anytime then your PSO will against it first and will fight to prevent you from that.

We offer personal security officers of only army background who have a very good experience of to deliver best of what actually personal security matters.


We organize Promotional events for the amlls, Promotional activities and events in a Mall form an integral part of Mall Management. Activities like food festivals, handicraft exhiitions and celebrity visits increase foot traffic and in turns sales volumes. Organizing cultural events has time and again proved vital in attracting consumers to a Mall. Such activities may also act as a adifferentiator for a mall. We will draft marketing strategies for your mall to meetthe needs of the local consumer base and the challenges of local, and in some cases, regional competitors. We make a calendar for the events so that the interest of the people is kept alive throughout the year.

We make sure that your Mail is converted to a happening place and this aspect will increase foot fail and revenue for the occupants.


Allianze group advise you on the best combination of equipments such as CCTV cameras, recording equipment and lighting to protect your business from theft, violence and vandalism.

We have a wide range of cameras: dome cameras, motorized 360 degrees cameras, night vision cameras, color or monochrome cameras, low or high resolution cameras, etc.

We install, monitor and maintain a large range of alarms in order to secure your premises and detect any intrusion movement sensors, vibration sensors, door protection systems can all be connected to cameras to have a visual, assess the situation and react appropriately, according to predefined instructions. Access control systems The access control systems are great preventive solutions against theft.

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