A good way to start planning and organizing your project is collaborating with all the floks who'll join in your home building or remodellig endeavor. This becomes the first step towards establishing good relationships with the building community. It shows that you value their opinions and create trust from the very beginning. Most important is collaboration with lender, realtor, consultants, local building officials, architect, engineer, general contractor (if you require a GC), Trade contractors,, manufacturers and suppliers right from the get-go. Involve everyone from the start so you consider your options and get opinions before finalizing your project's specifications, drawing, and conditions.


Owning a property is an important thing in one's life However, one needs to be careful while purchasing a land in one's life. However, one needs to ve careful while purchasing a land in each point to avoid fallin into legal hassies. Precaution is needed from the initial stages of deciding on a property till the registration. The legal status of the land is one of the first issues that you should address before confirming a property. Don't make any confirmation by Paying advance before checking the legal status of the property.

Before purchasing a property, there are a number of enquiries that need to be done to confirm that the land has a clear and marketable title. The first thing is to find out the tenure and legal right of the holder of the land in government records. The tensure or Possession right could be freehold, leasehold or may be held under a government grant. Freehold land is always most preferable. The seller should provide all the necessary documents to the buyer. There are certain documents which need to be taken care while purchasing the property.


Our Goal is to make quality home design affordable by using the power of the Web to showcase and deliver world class house plans and floor plans. What was once a complex process of designing a home from the ground up is now a streamlined, easy to use method of searching award-winning architect designed home plans and floor plans.It's the smart alternative to designing a house from scratch. An original custom home plan can cost 15% or more of the construction budget, but we can save you thousands because the cost of each stock home plan is amortized over many sales and house plan customization is simplified. offers complete resources for your home building project including home plans, customized house plans, exclusive architect's house plans, land purchase, and financing.


Valuation is the practice of developing an opinion of the market value of property. A valuer assesses the value of land, buildings, improvements and other factors that influence the current or past value of your property, the processgenerally involves an external and internal inspection of the property. Valuers are independent with no vested interest in the properties they value. A valution report is a professional ad legal assessment of the value of your property prepared for many different purposes.


veryone's dream is to own a property. Obiviously you need money to buy a property, but many recent instancesof fraud and bogus selling of property is something that is beyond money alone. If there is one important thing that gives legal protection to ownership of your property, It is the sale deed. Understanding the basics of a sale deed can help you stay protected from getting duped.

A sale deeds is one of the most valuable legal documents in a purchase or sale of a property. It is governed by the Registration Act and is an important document for both the buyer or the transferor. The purchase or sale of property is not legally complete until a sale deed is signed between buyer and the seller. Usually a sale deed is signed only after both the parties are satisfied and comply with the terms and conditions as said in the agreement.


Interior Design describes a group of various yet related projects that involve turning an interior space into an "effective setting for the range of human activities" that are to take place there. An interior designer is someone who conducts such projects. Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, liasing with the stakeholders of a project and the management and execution of the design. As this type design is very specific for individual situations, the needs and eants of the individual are paramount in this area of interior design. The interior designer may work on the project from the initial palnning stage or may work on the remodelling of an existing structure. It is often a very involved process that takes months to fine tune and create a space with the vision of the client.


The Building Control Department advises developers and self-builders to employ suitably qualified architects and qualified experienced engineers with professional Indentity Insurance to carry out the following professional services in relation to any building work:


Building construction is the process of adding structure to real property. The Vast majority of building construction jobs are small renovations, such as addition of a room, or renovation of a bathroom. Often the owner of the property acts as laborer, payaster, and design team for the entire project. However, all building construction projects include some elements in common design, financial, estimating and legal considerations. Many projects of varying sizes reach undesirable end results, such as structural collapse, cost overruns, and /or litigation reason, those with experience in the field make detailed plans and maintain careful oversight during the project to ensure a positive outcome.

We offer construction services for independent houses of the clients with super class quality process. We can be approached for constructing your dream home.

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